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27 June 2017

Learn more about Agnolotto Gran Torino

Let us spend a few words on one of the mainstays of Piedmontese cuisine. Since 8 February 2015, Pasta&Company's agnolotti have a proper name: Gran Torino.

What motivated this choice?
We asked Paola Nardo, marketing manager of the company:
«We were seeking a Fresh Pasta product that might express most effectively the genuine character, the artisan quality of our creations and our love for our city. Thus, Gran Torino was born: the recipe is still the same, the classic Piedmontese preparation stuffed with roasted meat and vegetables, the one our customers like best. The difference is that it has been given a new task: to represent our family tradition, our work - this product, in fact, like a ritual, has always accompanied us on festive days. For us, in short, is a new feather on the cap that we can show off». After the presentation to authorized retailers and restaurateurs/caterers, Gran Torino is now available to everyone: «I cannot stress too often that our Fresh Pasta is a product born of tradition, that can meet any requirement in terms of cost, taste, nutritional content».

The Agnolotto Gran Torino
It is filled with meat coming exclusively from Italian farms, guaranteed by dependable and well-established suppliers. The raw materials are processed at our plant, according to the strictest safety and hygiene standards, and according to sustainability principles: Pasta & Company makes exclusive use of energy obtained from renewable sources.

The main ingredients are the typical roasted beef accompanied by the taste of cabbage.

Learn more about: Agnolotto Gran Torino

You can look up the registration of the certification of our main product, the Agnolotto Gran Torino.

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