Pasta & Company


5 luglio 2017

The new Pasta & Company website is on line!

Pasta & Company was born in the marketplace and has grown thanks to the goodness of its products and the many offline undertaking it has launched and continues to launch. However, we know how important it is to accompany our offline activities with a strong presence online, especially now that consulting the web had become for many people the starting point to seek information and learn about a company. Based on these considerations and driven by our desire to be always at the forefront of innovation, we decided to remodel our website to present out company most effectively to those who do not know use and does not know what we do, and to give our customers a quick, smooth and highly satisfying navigation experience.

New contents, new graphics and new photos, recipes and tips to savor our products and enjoy them even more, all the business and employment opportunities offered by our company: all this and much more can be found in the new Pasta & Company website.What are you waiting for? The journey of your raviolo begins here and now!

We are ready!