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We were the first to devise an innovative sale concept for fresh pasta,
providing for expert service and a profitable opportunity for you. Become an entrepreneur with us!


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Become a member of the Pasta & Company Group and build up a successful business opportunity on a long-standing tradition. Want to learn more? Give us your email address!

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Our know-how

In our fresh egg pasta we use simple, genuine ingredients, cooked like grandma did. Without long-standing experience, we could not achieve the taste and flavour everyone expects. Making pasta might be easy, but giving people a chance to earn and deliver the same genuine, delicious pasta every day of the week, every month, year after year is quite another matter. We can!

Our tradition

One of the products that represent our country in the world is fresh pasta. It is based on centuries old traditions, maintained, passed on and perfected over time.

Your opportunity

This is why Pasta&Company, an artisan pasta factory, and a leader in the sale of fresh pasta in the marketplace, invites you to become an expert retailer. The minute you join this project you secure an opportunity to build up your future as an entrepreneur on the basis of long-standing traditions.

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If you choose to visit our company, we have reserved for you:

  • The advisory service of an expert, who will tell you in detail how selling fresh pasta by Pasta&Company in the marketplace is a win-win proposition;
  • A hands-on experience: watching the making of a raviolo from beginning to end;
  • A gift box with tasty ravioli.

Yes, but how do I do it?

Luana Girardi
Marketplace retailed / Promoter

Do as I did, become a Pasta&Company retailer and make your life better. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to buy a house, ensure a decent life for my two kids, have 5 afternoons off a week to spend with them, work outdoors in a convivial setting that promotes human relations.