Pasta & Company


"Come in, make yourself at home.

Ah, take no notice, it's the new experimental methods used at the GÜST-lab.


You deserve to be used in one of our fillings!"

It is Pasta & Company's secret laboratory, situated in the cellars of the company headquarters, right next to the rooms where the filling is held captive and pasta sheets are tortured ! This is where the ALCHEMIST and his diabolical assistants, the STORTELLI, brandishing kneaders and instruments that no (sane) human mind could ever conceived, mix ingredients originating from other planets and elsewhere to make incredible stuff. Sometimes, some of these "creatures" manage to elude the surveillance of the GUARDIAN (a monster with three heads, with female features and a biology degree) and reach your table.

This is the case of mint noodles, which, together with their mates "pappardelle" got away disguised as the hair of STORTELLO who had finished his shift. Since then, surveillance has become stricter, buy the “creatures” are getting more and more cunning. Put on your protective diving suit and stay close to the guide: now comes the best part...

Create your own filling and share it

Do you have an innovative filling in mind?

Do you have a secret recipe that is passed down through generations?

Have you tested new food pairings?


 you have the recipe of an innovative filling, you can share it with us!

Our chefs will test it out and, if it works, it can be included in our product catalogue!

And your name will be associated with the product.

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