Pasta & Company

How we work

Pasta & Company is the proud advocate of the typical artisan tradition which believes in starting from non-processed raw materials. Just like our grandmothers would have never even dreamed of making agnolotti using ready-made pasta, we always want to have total control over the entire production process.

We deem it essential to tell everyone a simple story “the journey of your raviolo”, a story that everybody likes.

Washing the raw materials

It all begins with the arrival of the raw materials at the pasta factory: the vegetables are washed and cleansed, meat is ground, the eggs are cracked manually. It would be easier and cheaper to procure all the ingredients pre-cooked and ready for the production line, but this would go totally against our philosophy.


Next is the cooking process: the various ingredients are cooked and flavored according to clear-cut indications and procedures, so as to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

Cooking is followed by sudden cooling, whereby the temperature of the products is reduced to below 7°C so as to eliminate the residual bacterial load and guarantee maximum safety.


Once all the ingredients have been cooked and cooled, the next step consists of mixing them together.

Vegetables are combined with cheeses, meats, cured meats... spices exalt the flavors, the aromas get richer, and our products become more special and unique with every step.

The envelope: “pasta”

Having prepared the filling, the next step consists of creating the envelope that will enclose it, the sheet of pasta whose consistency and thickness are continuously controlled, to bring to your table ravioli that retain their perfect shape and texture when you cook them.

Pasteurization and packaging

This is the final stage: a series of steps that makes the product perfectly safe for the end consumer: pasteurization, i.e., heating to 90°C, followed by sudden cooling, extensive controls by means of metal detectors, and, finally, packaging the extra fresh agnolotti, which, on request, may also be packaged under modified atmosphere.

The same steps, with the necessary changes, go into the preparation of our fine gastronomy specialties.

Care, passion and dedication: it is our way to be, it is what we do. This is what Pasta & Company is all about.

All the goodness, with care.