Pasta & Company

Quality control

Quality Office

We feel responsible for what our consumers eat, and we feel bound to offer products that are tasty, healthy, genuine and rigorously controlled: the same products that we eat and like ourselves.

With this awareness, besides selecting the raw materials that we use with maximum care, we have set up an office whose task is to examine and control, carefully and expertly, everything that is received, processed and dispatched from our factory.

Quality system

In charge of our quality system are 3 women biologists who work at LAV S.r.l, an analysis and consultancy laboratory in Moncalieri where all the controls pertaining to the HACCP system and the company quality system are carried out. On a regular basis, the quality staff collects samples and performs prevention-oriented analyses for the protection of the consumer, ensuring compliance with all the applicable food safety and hygiene regulations during each and every processing step.

The safer is our production process, the more serene you will be in purchasing.

All the goodness, with care.