Pasta & Company

Raw materials

Our goal has always been to make pasta and do it well, and this is why our attention is focused on keeping up the quality of what we make, selecting personally all the raw materials that go into our products: we work with the care and awareness that are typical of those who know what to look for and where to find it.

Since we are artisans, we start with unprocessed raw materials: the vegetables are washed and cleaned, the meat is ground, spiced and cooked, and the eggs are broken manually. We use only the best and most reliable suppliers, to bring the best to your table.

The eggs

Our eggs come exclusively from controlled and certified companies such as Eurovo and Cascina Italia, whose high quality standards are attested by major Italian and European certifications.

Our suppliers:

  • Eurovo Group
  • Moretti Group

The flours

For the flours, we have opted for the quality and know-how of two major Italian companies, at the forefront in the flour milling sector: Industria Molitoria Mininni, which, since 1877 has made milling into a veritable art, and Grandi Molini Italiani, a giant producing 1,100,000 tons of ground wheat per year.

Our suppliers:

  • Molino Mininni
  • Grandi Molini Italiani (GMI)

Dairy products

Besides relying on the experience and know-how of dairy company Fattorie Osella, our official supplier of robiola cheese, we use small local realities, whose excellent specialties are used in some of our products. This is the case of toma di Rivalta, which we purchase from time-honored Caseificio Quaranta, recipient of the prestigious award Piedmont Artisan Excellence. Not to mention the Gorgonzola DOP, supplied by dairy company Tosi, or the authentic Fontina Valdostana, supplied by La Jolie Valée, a company based in the Aosta Valley.

Our suppliers:

  • Fattorie Osella
  • Caseificio Quaranta
  • Caseificio Tosi
  • La Jolie Valée


Never before has the quality of meat been under such careful scrutiny by the media and the public at large. For us, this has never been an issue. We have always purchased our meat from companies that were able to guarantee the origin and traceability of their products. Among our most important suppliers we should mention Macelleria Oberto, a reality that is fully Piedmontese, and, like us, has offered top-notch beef cuts since 1965, and Barisone s.r.l., a game meat specialist in operation since 1979.

Our suppliers:

  • Macelleria Oberto
  • Barisone


Bringing to your table products that are savory, healthy and genuinely good has always been our goal. This is why we select our raw materials, all of them, including vegetables, with the utmost care: we touch them, smell them, examine their color and consistency. We buy our vegetables directly from the producers who sell their crops through the Torino Agro-Alimentary Centre in Grugliasco. As we do for cheese, we focus on local products and are truly special and available in very small quantities, such as the red celery from Orbassano, or the leek of Cervere, whose production and promotion has been entrusted to a special consortium.

All the goodness, with care.