Pasta & Company

Seasonal specialties

Pasta & Company has always paid great attention to the seasons and festivities, creating ad hoc products for the different period of the year. See them all at our authorized retailers!

We are artisans. This is why we are free to choose raw materials that are fresh and in season to make our products and be able to offer our customers specialties that are savory, refined and delicious.


For us, autumn is a magical season. The sweet and delicate taste of the pumpkin inspires us and from our laboratories delicacies are born, such as ravioli filled with pumpkin and almond-flavored macaroons, lasagna with pumpkin and sausage, pies with pumpkin and provolone cheese. Not to mention chestnuts. How can you resist the temptation of ravioli with a delicious bacon and chestnut filling, noodles made from chestnut flour and topped with a porcini mushroom sauce, or a chestnut semolina porridge, just perfect as a dessert.


In winter we cannot go without the savory taste of leeks, artichokes and, why not, apples and hazelnuts! But while we do love classic combinations, such as leeks and sausage, leeks and potatoes, and leeks and toma cheese, or artichokes and sausage, artichokes and bacon, we also like to propose something different and unusual. This is true of our ravioli with apples and hazelnuts, or apples and hazelnuts, or apples, cabbage and cheese. There you are! we have shown you how the winter season can really be fully of taste!


How can you think of spring without getting a sudden craving for a nice dish of ravioli filled with asparagus, possibly accompanied by ham or speck? But why should you limit yourself to asparagus. Red chicory also offers amazing flavor, whether combined with speck in the traditional fashion, or accompanying salmon, of shrimps, or gorgonzola cheese!


Summer brings a desire for veggies, lightness, simple foods, that are easy to make, appealing and fresh. This is the reason why in summer we propose ravioli filled with eggplant, bell peppers or zucchini, or Fresh Pasta such as chives, mint or basil flavored noodles. Not to mention our gastronomy line-up: ready-to-eat specialties, such as oven-cooked omelets, Mediterranean lasagna with eggplants, cherry tomatoes and olives, crespelle (small, folded pancakes)… A season to be enjoyed under the sun and... at the table!!

All the goodness, with care.