Pasta & Company

The company

Ours is a history made of a little bit of luck and plenty of hard work. We were lucky to inherit from our grandparents their passion for good food, taste education, the magic and the secrets of the art of baking. We undertook to carry on our family tradition to offer our customers the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine.


We know full well what "Fresh Pasta" is all about. We know it because we grew up admiring the passion and love that our grandparents and our parents, back in 1953, devoted to preparing that pasta, so special and unique, conceived to make your festive occasions unforgettable. We have retained that same spirit, the same passion, but with something added: a desire to transform those delicacies into a genuine daily habit, a quick and healthy solution for lunch or dinner.


1997 is the year when Pasta & Company was officially established. Twenty years ago, in September, we began our adventure, when we debuted with our brand at an open air market in a major square in Turin, displaying our products on a yellow stall. We were the first and only artisans specializing in Fresh Pasta, offering a great variety and a wide choice of specialties, something for all tastes. It was a runaway success.


Today, after two decades of adventures, our success continues unabated: the quality of our products has been recognized with many awards and equally appreciated is the quality of the business opportunities that we propose. The number of market stalls we operate has grown from one to over 150, our Fresh Pasta has crossed the border, arriving in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. 

This is what we are; to us, making pasta is more than a job: it is a way of living.

Our company in figures

161 street vendors
2.066.122 kg of products in 2016


tons of flours and 700 tons of durum wheat semolina used*


tons of dairy products used*


tons of meat used*


tons of vegetables used*

*Data for 2016 production year.


food stores serviced


pallets going to foreign markets per week

24/48 h

delivery time all over Europe


women biologists in charge of quality control

“Art does not consist of representing new things, but rather of representing them in new ways”

Ugo Foscolo