Pasta & Company

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Our mission is to be the spokespersons for Italy's most authentic, traditional and genuine cuisine, by proposing our Fresh Pasta and our gastronomy products at the market, in restaurants, on the street.

Born in the marketplace

We have grown dealing with demanding customers who have encouraged us to do more, do better, day after day, with their heartfelt praise and, at times, their frank criticism. 

In the early 1990s we set up our first stall in a square in Turin to  sell the Fresh Past that we produced. Against the backdrop of grey and brown of the stalls in use at the time, we stood out with our lively colors, such as yellow and orange, and a product that was hardly present in open air markets.

Since those early days, many things have changed.
The stalls have multiplied, from one to over 150, and from Piedmont our Fresh Pasta has arrived in Lombardy, Veneto, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our small laboratory has evolved into a dynamic company extending over an area of over 2400 m2, expanding fast and attentive to changes in the Italian and foreign markets.

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